Starting from £120

30 minutes

The new Ejal 40 treatment redefines the concept of mesotherapy: It is completely natural, The WOW effect is visible IMMEDIATELY after the treatment, Like with classic mesotherapy the rejuvenating effects are long-term, We can use it in two ways, as injections in 4 points on the face, or like a classic mesotherapy, The treatment doesn’t take long, it is almost completely painless, The recovery time is very short, the little marks are visible on the face for only couple of days, Ejal 40 is a non-cross-linked, electrochemically stabilized hyaluronic acid. Ejal 40 is injected in 4 points on each side of the face, in some cases, we may add a fifth point in the center of the cheeks. Only 0.2 ml of the product is given to each point. Because that is a very small amount of the product the injections are painless, Ejal 40 tightens, immediately smoothes and lifts the skin. It is recommended to repeat the treatment 2-3 times one month apart.